Our business has been affected by it…every business in the country has and for the past few weeks we’ve been busy taking action to mitigate the effects of it.

We have implemented the necessary changes and taken action to ensure there is a business for our people to come back to. In this situation specifically, the company and its survival has been our priority, very closely followed by our people. The Government announced a raft of unprecedented measures to support workers, their message was clear…we will take care of the people, you need to take care of business.

There is no playbook here. No experience of the situation to help guide thoughts and actions. We are not experts and we must accept that, in so much of what will unfold over the coming months, we are not in control. Though a quick scroll on LinkedIN proves that many would have you believe they have the answers.

Since the beginning of March the COVID-19 “noise” has continued to get louder and louder, to the point it is difficult to hear anything else…did you know the Croatian capital, Zagreb, was hit by the largest Earthquake in 140 years last Sunday morning?

We don’t have anything of value to add to the already deafening noise, we don’t have the first clue about epidemiology and we don’t know how to manage a country in lock-down…so we won’t add our two cents worth.

We’ll stick to what we do best.

Over the coming months we will continue to lead our business through what will undoubtedly be the most difficult times we will ever experience. Difficult, yes, but also a huge opportunity and we are ready to make the most of it. We have continued to meet with our board, our teams, our companies, lenders and potential acquisition targets, and we’re still making progress. Our meetings may be a bit different, but that doesn’t matter. We’re not sure when the current situation will end, no one is, but we will continue to drive our businesses forwards, as we always do, and we will be further forward than we were at the start of this situation, of that much we are certain.

Here’s a throwback to when Leanne met her mentor Kim Kiyosaki back in 2009, and a more recent encounter in 2020 discussing women in business. Over the past 11 years, with many more un-filmed meetings, Kim has grown from being Leanne’s mentor to friend, and their bond is a classic example of the strong relationships Leanne creates throughout the business. As our Mergers and Acquisitions Director, these skills in building relationships and managing and negotiating M&A activity to its completion are essential at United Capital. A lot of her work is carried out behind the scenes, so what better day to celebrate her than International Women’s Day!

Over the past 13 years, Leanne has grown her residential property company, Carling Property Group, into the largest privately-owned residential landlords in Scotland. She’s been involved in over 1,000 property transactions with a value of over £200million, and Leanne’s work behind the scenes is just as interesting as the high figures. Whether Graeme’s come home to find the microwave’s gone missing or their duvet’s done a disappearing act, it’s testament to Leanne’s caring nature that she’d give her own belongings to tenants who have nothing.

Leanne absolutely loves giving back, so if you’re looking for a successful businesswoman to speak and inspire women at your next event, just get in touch! #IWD2020 #EachforEqual