Our company directors regularly speak at academic and business events. These talks are normally about their background and telling our story of how we do business. Although our top team’s backgrounds may be varied, there is one bit of advice that always features…be careful who you listen to.

The World has always had gurus, those individuals revered above others…though, these days it seems to be a self-given moniker rather than a title that has been earned, or deserved. In the words of world-renowned high performance coach, Tony Robbins, we are not your guru, but we have got significant experience running and growing successful businesses, experiences that have formed the way we do business…and that is all we ever offer…our story of what works for us, what happens next is up to you.

Our number 1 bit of advice is as important in life as it is in business, be careful who you listen to and take advice from. The Coronavirus pandemic has un-earthed many “experts”, people who share articles from their news feed without any due diligence to question the information or its sources. Remember the conflicting news from seemingly reputable sources about whether or not to take Ibuprofen if you were experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus, or the story about drinking warm water every 15 minutes…it’s all rubbish, worse than that, it’s dangerous!

In these unique times, we will rely on the information shared directly by the Government and associated agencies and will continue to apply sound common sense, which also appears to be lacking at present. Don’t forget the basics. Keep your customers informed, keep your people informed, take the necessary precautions but focus on your own business and what you can do to ensure it survives

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