Business Insights: Successful Businesswomen

On a trip to Arizona, our Mergers & Acquisitions Director Leanne caught up with 'Rich Woman' Kim Kiyosaki to discuss their thoughts on successful businesswomen.

Business Insights: Commitment to Success

In this latest edition of our Business Insights series, our CEO Graeme Carling discusses how his commitment to success has played a huge part in his career success.

Business Insights: Why Work-Life Balance is a Myth

In our Business Insights series, CEO Graeme Carling and our Mergers & Acquisitions Director Leanne Carling discuss why work life balance is not an option while they build their business empire.

Business Insights: Working Together Makes us Stronger

Filming together from Arizona where they attended their first ever seminar in 2008, Mergers & Acquisitions Director, Leanne Carling and CEO Graeme Carling Discuss being partners in business and marriage.

United Capital continues to grow team during lock-down

Welcoming Paul McGillvery - another top appointment, further strengthening our growing team!

Business Insights: The Importance of Advisors

Mergers & Acquisitions Director, Leanne Carling discusses how important her choice of advisors have been throughout her 13 year career acquiring properties and businesses.

Business Insights: Doing Deals with Us

In this edition of Business Insights, CEO Graeme Carling discusses his no-nonsense approach to the acquisition process at United Capital.