In our latest Business Insights update in the series, our CEO Graeme Carling discusses how United Capital go about acquiring deals with the company’s no-nonsense attitude.

Over the past 13 years, Graeme and his partner in marriage and business, our Mergers & Acquisition Director, Leanne, have been involved or made over 1,000 deals. They follow a policy and view that when value is clear, decisions are easy.

With their wealth of experience over the past 13 years, Leanne and Graeme know intuitively when a deal is good and if they want to get involved. They’ve taken this approach to their business acquisition model for United Capital and pride themselves in their ability to make decisions quickly, and in letting potential sellers knowing whether they’re interested or not.

Graeme says “When you’re at our level, you don’t dither or delay. Professionals know instantly whether it’s a good deal or not. So when we’re analysing deals, we know very quickly if that’s going to fit our criteria and if we are going to be interested.”

A lot of the options that come through the pipeline, aren’t in Graeme and Leanne’s interests, but the volume of options allows them to analyse their options quickly.

Graeme and Leanne rely heavily on their combined gut feeling, which stems from their experience and the deals that they’ve been involved in. “We are in an aggressive acquisition mode, actively seeking deals. We don’t mess about, it either fits or it doesn’t. It’s strictly confidential and we will let you know as soon as possible if it’s not for us or if we are interested.”

We’re always looking for profitable businesses with good, secure contracts and a solid, experienced management team who would stay on post-acquisition to manage the business. If you’re looking to sell up, get in touch today with an honest and realistic valuation and we’ll let you know if we’re interested!

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