After over a decade of friendship and support, Leanne catches up “Rich Woman” owner, Kim Kiyosaki, to chat about business success and women’s increasing role in it.

Visiting Kim in her home in Scottsdale, Arizona, Leanne discusses how much has changed since they made their original ‘Rich Woman’ clip together back in 2009.  “We’ve grown our business, to multiple properties. We sold the management aspect of the properties, which we used to take care of ourselves. We have now started acquiring building services. A lot of the business is from government contracts with us renovating, plumbing electrics etc. we’ve got a pipeline of acquisitions for this first half of the year and are working on that.”

Having moved into business acquisition from properties, Leanne discusses being financially free: “We’ve had a fantastic time, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’re good at taking action and taking everything on board and applying it. In the seminars, so many people will read the books, take the course, but only a small percentage go out and do something with the education.”

Kim describes how there has been an increasing female demand for financial education around the world with her Rich Woman Cash Flow clubs, exclusively for women, becoming more and more popular. Speaking about an event she hosted in India, she explains how the dynamic completely changes when men are not around. “These were a group of women who were doctors, lawyers, business owners, investors, all sharing and helping one another with whatever issue they have at the time. It becomes a safe place for women, they can create friendships and their genius and who they are comes out.”

“They’ve done studies here in the US of the Fortune 500 companies, and those that have women in board level, management level, outperform the companies that do not. There’s a huge need for the energy, the personality and knowledge that women bring to business and investing. The world’s pretty messed up, look who’s been in charge. I think we need that female energy, thinking and mentality to turn things around. More and more women should become role models. Too many women are depending on other people to take care of them. Now is the time for women to step up and take a leadership role.”

What would the entrepreneurs say to aspiring businesswomen today? “Go out and do it, take action and learn from your mistakes. Fail fast, learn quickly and it’s not all that bad. If you see a problem go and solve it. If you were to invest in a small property and you see a problem, fix it. Start small ideally with a mentor. Not a college professor, someone who is doing exactly what you want to be doing. Make sure you’ve got a good team.”

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