Approaching United Capital

Why are People Approaching United Capital?

People are approaching United Capital to see if we’re interested in acquiring their business for a number of reasons, our CEO, Graeme Carling, explains why.
Business Valuation

How has Business Valuation Changed Post-Covid?

Our CEO Graeme Carling discusses the effects Covid-19 has had on business valuation and how the value will take some time to stabilise. Looking to sell? Find out more!
New Opportunities

What Opportunities are Available now that Weren’t there Before Covid-19?

CEO Graeme Carling discusses the opportunities that have been created by the Covid-19 pandemic and how it could fast track their three-year investment strategy.
How has Covid affected mergers & acquisitions

How Has Covid-19 Changed the Mergers & Acquisitions Market

In this update with the CEO, Graeme Carling discusses the significant impact Covid-19 has had on the mergers and acquisition market, and how businesses that previously weren’t looking to sell are now looking at it as a means of survival.
update from the CEO

Update From the CEO

In this update from our CEO, Graeme Carling discusses the impact of lockdown and Covid-19 on the business' goals, and the effects it has had on seller attitudes and acquisitions.