McGill Scotland Ltd (known as McGill) joined United Capital after the Group bought McGill & Co. from KPMG after it entered administration in February 2019. McGill, a Scotland Top 500 company delivers all-trade building and construction services to the public sector, typically local authorities and Housing Associations across Scotland. McGill, unlike our typical acquisition targets, was in a distressed state at the point of acquisition (but presented a significant opportunity) and in the past nine months the Board have leveraged the brand, history and assets of the company to transform it into a profit-making, sustainable business that currently employs over 60 staff and is growing quickly. The brand value, history and reputation of McGill creates a platform to grow the group.

Solid and strong growth – United Capital installed a new management board at McGill to ensure the short-term turnaround and long-term success of the business. The new board have re-established the business, invested significant resource into new IT systems and head office renovations and delivered several significant, new, multi-million-pound contracts including a £2.6million contract with Govanhill Housing Association in Glasgow, a £1.6million contract with Langstane & Castlehill Housing Association in Aberdeen and a £400,000 contract with Fife Council.