Syd Fudge is a Non-Executive Director for United Capital. Providing oversight and governance to the group, Syd draws on more than 50 years’ industry experience. Credited with saving a then-failing RGC and restoring it to profitability, he has been awarded an OBE for services to the oil and gas industry. Syd spent many years as Managing Director of Trafalgar House Offshore Services Limited, and since his retirement has gained more than 20 years’ experience in non-executive roles. He uses his wealth of experience to guide, advise, and ask tough questions. 

At United Capital, we’re on a journey of growth, and we’re actively looking to acquire businesses with a similar appetite for success. Some owners sell their business because they’ve spent decades building it up from the ground, and they want to retire while securing the future for their loyal employees. And good luck to them – growing and leading a company is no mean feat, and we wish those sellers well as they enjoy time with the grandchildren.

For others, though, becoming part of something larger is not only about growing the business. It’s a decision they’re making that will also aid their own personal growth. Perhaps they know that the business has more potential than they can unlock purely on their own, or maybe they feel it’s time to move into a more senior, perhaps regional, role, while others continue with the day job of serving customers. They know that becoming part of something larger will give them the opportunity to develop their skills as an effective leader, and through their leadership the company can reach new levels of success.

Join a network of your peers

The good news is that when business leaders become part of the United Capital family, they automatically become part of a network of peers – a group of connected leaders who are all ready to step up and deliver more.  We at United Capital don’t meddle in the day-to-day operations of these successful entities. What we do instead is provide strategy and support, whether that’s with legal or HR advice, developing and implementing a marketing strategy, or accessing our procurement pool to lower costs.

All of our business leaders meet regularly; they share what’s going on in the businesses, and by sharing their problems they might elicit critical advice from the group. They also share opportunities, and chances for collaboration and partnering come up regularly. They might discover that the thing they’ve been worrying about alone, is in fact something that’s been on the minds of everyone else too, and at that point United Capital might be asked to support in finding a solution.

As a non-executive Director, I don’t get involved in the daily operations of United Capital; however, with a light touch I can add value by helping people develop and grow. I offer advice, share my 50+ years business experience and expertise, and perhaps ask some tough questions that hold leaders to account.  This all helps them to become ever more equipped to lead their business – and their people – to levels of success they simply couldn’t realise as a standalone entity. There is great power in a collective of people who are all committed to strong leadership, and United Capital is proud to bring these leaders together so we can all realise success together.