When we first established United Capital, we made quick decisions. We chose to fill the board with people who didn’t necessarily have experience in the construction industry – but we knew they shared our values, and a strong work ethic, with us. We sift through potential deals and acquisitions – sometimes dozens each month – and decide quickly whether a company is right for our group or not. We listen to our guts as often as we follow what the numbers tell us.

We’re tough with ourselves and each other, and we ask questions. Why this acquisition and not that one? Why did this deal fall through, or why did it succeed? What did we learn? Since day one we’ve consciously acted in a way that’s relentless, ambitious, committed, and entrepreneurial. It’s always been who we are, so it’s how we strive to do business – we just wouldn’t enjoy it any other way!

Now, as United Capital continues to grow, we want to embed these values in the culture of the entire group. More people doesn’t (or shouldn’t) mean more processes and procedures; more people should mean lots of dynamic activity taking place, increased ambitions, a huge collective commitment to great customer service, and more challenges to tackle with entrepreneurial spirit.

Winning the Race to Dubai

That’s why we’ve kicked off our commitment to a values-based culture with the Race to Dubai! It’s our Employee of the Year competition, where we recognise one of our employees for how they work, not necessarily for the work that they do. In our group we have apprentices, essential workers, accountants, managers, estimators, joiners, customer service representatives, among many other roles. If people in all of these varied roles bring an attitude that’s relentless, ambitious, committed, and entrepreneurial, just think what we could achieve as a group!

Our employee of the year, by demonstrating how they live the group values, will have a place at our company conference, set to take place in Dubai in March 2022. We want their voice in the room; we need their frontline experience, their can-do spirit, and their ideas for the future of the group. They’ll also enjoy an all-expenses paid family holiday as a thank you for the way they show up for our customers.

If you think that a holiday in Dubai sounds a bit excessive for an employee of the year scheme, then you haven’t been paying attention. At United Capital we don’t do things by halves; we go all in. And our employees who display that same unstoppable attitude will be with us as we continue to set ourselves the biggest challenges, and tackle them with a relentless, ambitious, committed, and entrepreneurial spirit.