Leaders from across the United Capital group will meet in May 2022 at the building services investment company’s annual leaders conference, which will take place this year in Dubai.

With approximately 50 people from the group’s top teams in attendance, the focus will be on learning from the acquisitions made in 2021, getting into the right mindset and planning for increased growth, as the group continues to acquire building services businesses in order to meet its target of group turnover of £500m by 2024.

United Capital opened its Middle East base in United Arab Emirates earlier this year, in order to manage the post-lockdown acquisition boom, which saw the group’s pipeline swell to more than £1 billion. Leaders from United Capital, and its group companies will attend the company conference in Dubai this coming May, as well as taking the opportunity to attend business events and meet with colleagues from across the group.

Speaking of the conference plans, United Capital CEO Graeme Carling commented, “United Capital has had an incredibly busy year, making a number of acquisitions and spending huge amounts of time on the road meeting potential target companies. We have set ourselves big targets, and to reach them we need to have the best leaders and give ourselves time away from the day-to-day to collaborate, share ideas, and put plans into place.”

“It is my firm belief that the best businesses have the best managers and we have been successful to this point because we have brought in highly qualified and experienced people, with a winning mindset and commitment to our goals. For us to continue leading the way, we invest in our people to create opportunities for them to see the biggest possible picture, which is why we are hosting our conference in Dubai.”

“At United Capital, we weed out all the excuses. From skills and labour shortages, to increasing material costs, government levies, and Brexit, the sector has become awash with excuses for under-performance. We simply don’t accept that, and in bringing the top team over to Dubai, our people will experience a region that has become one of the greatest and most advanced cities in the World in less than 60 years, despite any challenge it faced. Our team will see what is possible when a motivated group of people with a vision get together and are relentless in their commitment to winning.”