Over the last few years, and especially with COP26 having taken place recently in Scotland, it seems like everyone has woken up to the scale of the climate change challenge the world is facing.

The building services industry is responsible for as much as 40% of carbon emissions globally, so there’s a lot to be done if organisations and countries are going to meet their zero-carbon obligations.

Many of the solutions you see and hear about in the news are focused on embedding sustainability in new-build infrastructure, and that will certainly contribute to decarbonisation over time.

But our group companies are focused on decarbonising the existing infrastructure in this country. Without decarbonising the existing built environment, no country can meet its zero-carbon commitment.

Let’s be honest, decarbonisation is a giant global puzzle that everyone is trying to solve. Nobody knows yet all of the pieces we need to solve it. So what we’re doing is bringing together a group of companies that are perfectly positioned to quickly pivot to whatever the solution demands.

We’re focused on solving our own piece of the puzzle, by acquiring companies focused on sustainability. We’re now the largest building services group which both works sustainably, and delivers sustainability solutions to our clients.

Few groups have the scale, strength, and resources to pivot as quickly as United Capital. Our size gives us the capacity to reskill our workforce towards renewables, to refocus on decarbonising existing infrastructure, and to do it all at scale.

The challenge is massive, but so is the opportunity. As the pieces of the decarbonisation puzzle begin to fall into place, United Capital is one of the strongest forces already producing cleaner, greener buildings.