Decarbonisation is like a giant jigsaw puzzle without the box: there are a lot of pieces to slot together, but no sense yet of what the picture will look like once it’s finished.

While it’s now recognised that people, organisations, and nations all need to take ‘collective climate action’ it’s fair to say that it’s very unclear at this point how the world will stabilise carbon emissions.

What are the products and technologies – many of which haven’t been invented yet – which will enable us to revolutionise how our lives, homes, workplaces, and societies function? Anyone who says they have all the answers is fooling themselves, or you. But we don’t need to know the answers to begin the transition, or to recognise how much there is to be done.

Tackling existing infrastructure is critical

The United Capital group has already built a well-deserved reputation for expertise in the current suite of renewables technologies. Our group companies are focused on decarbonising the existing infrastructure in this country, because without tackling the carbon present in the current built environment, no country can meet its zero-carbon commitment. That’s why you’ll have read about many of our recent contract wins: McGill, for example, has become the go-to partner for solar panel installations with many housing associations and public sector organisations across the country. Saltire Facilities Management is changing its own corner of the world through its expertise in air source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points.

Acquiring companies transitioning to sustainability

This is how we’re solving our own part of the giant decarbonisation puzzle: by acquiring a group of companies which are already delivering renewables solutions at scale, and are also poised to quickly pivot to whatever the newer solutions will require as they come onstream over the coming years and decades.

By acquiring companies focused on sustainability United Capital has become the largest building services group which both works sustainably, and delivers comprehensive sustainability solutions to our clients. Few groups have the scale, strength, and resources to pivot as quickly as United Capital. Our size gives us the capacity to reskill our workforce towards renewables, to refocus on decarbonising existing infrastructure, and to do it all at scale.

The challenge is massive, but so is the opportunity. As the pieces of the decarbonisation puzzle begin to fall into place, United Capital is one of the strongest forces already producing cleaner, greener buildings.