Greening of the UK’s existing infrastructure is a fundamental step on the road to net-zero, and United Capital is already making real change in more than 150,000 homes.

Transforming our society into one with net zero greenhouse gas emissions is a challenge that nobody yet knows how to solve completely. It’s a puzzle with many pieces, some of which haven’t yet been created. A sustainable society is a huge goal, one that might yet require new technologies and huge shifts in the way we live and work.

Greening our existing building stock is something that’s achievable now for many homeowners, and will become more possible as renewable technologies such as solar PV, heat pumps, battery storage, and electric vehicle chargers, become ever more mainstream, and therefore more affordable and accessible.

Our group companies have already been working on decarbonisation of homes and commercial buildings for years, and are currently managing just over 150,000 homes which aim to shrink both their energy bills and their carbon footprint. With a very strong track record of winning public sector contracts, both McGill, and Saltire Facilities Management are working to improve energy efficiency in buildings right across the country.

Experts in delivering a range of renewable technologies, our group is carrying out work that makes a huge difference in tackling climate change. For example, installing air source heat pumps in homes and commercial buildings, such as sheltered housing complexes, cuts energy bills dramatically, while installing large-scale solar PV arrays in schools helping councils to fulfil their own sustainability commitments.

United Capital Director Fraser Kirk, commented “Our group companies work on behalf of some of the largest councils, housing associations, government bodies, and social landlords. Their buildings are typically older, so we have focused on how we can decarbonise the existing built environment, rather than on creating new ‘clean’ buildings.

With more than 150,000 homes now positively impacted by the work that we do, the United Capital group is making real demonstrable improvements in the UK’s existing building stock, and helping to tackle climate change in real time, every single day.”