After being announced by KPMG as the preferred bidder for McGill & Co, today, United Capital has announced their acquisition of the assets, business and goodwill of McGill & Co.

On 26th February, KPMG announced United Capital, owned by Dundee based businessman Graeme Carling, as the preferred bidder and granted them a short period of exclusivity to acquire the business and certain assets of McGill & Co Limited, which entered administration on 1st February.

United Capital CEO, Graeme Carling announced: “We are delighted to confirm our purchase of the assets, business and goodwill of McGill & Co. Over the past month we have worked tirelessly to reach an agreement which allows us to move forward with our plans to re-establish McGill & Co.”

He added: “Our team have examined all information available to us and we now enter a period of engagement with previous customers and contracts. Moving forward, financial prudence will be the top priority while we outline the direction for the company and we plan to build a quality and skilled workforce to deliver on profitable contracts.”

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