Part Two in our Business Insights series, our Mergers & Acquisitions Director, Leanne Carling and CEO, Graeme Carling discuss how working together in business and marriage makes them stronger.

“When it comes to ambition, we always try to push the envelope.” Graeme explains how he and Leanne create unachievable goals for themselves, in order to keep striving for the best. “You’ll never exceed your wildest goals, we want to do the best we possibly can. We set ourselves huge goals that we’ll never achieve in our lifetime.”

Each other’s wingmen, the couple describe how they both know each other’s goals and how holding each other accountable is one of their keys to success. “We’re each other’s fiercest critics and biggest supporters. We always want the best for each other and push each other to the greatest potential.”

Graeme and Leanne discuss how having completely different skillsets and outlooks on things works perfectly in their partnership. Their trust in each other that they’re both getting on with what they’ve set out to do stems from over a decade of learning business together.

“Since 2008 we’ve been learning together. Pretty much everything we’ve done together, we’re following the same path. We consciously make an effort to stay on the same trajectory. This strategy has absolutely worked for us.”

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