In our latest instalment, CEO Graeme Carling talks about the importance of his commitment to success throughout his entrepreneurial journey, and how fear seems to be a consistent factor in why people aren’t willing to make that commitment.

Speaking from Scottsdale Arizona, where Graeme’s journey really began in 2008, he walks us through the last 12 years. “I came to my first seminar out here in Arizona in 2008. The seminar was called ‘How to Predict the Future’ and it was right in the eye of the storm of the financial crisis.

It was a huge event, there must’ve been 800 or so people attending. People from all over the world, all with the same concerns and challenges, and people wondering what was going on in the world, but more importantly it was entrepreneurs and people who are wanting to get on in the world.”

This seminar was the start of Graeme’s entrepreneurial journey, and would contribute to changing Graeme and his wife Leanne’s life dramatically. But over the years that have passed, Graeme’s found that disappointingly less than around 5% of the people who go to these seminars actually do anything with the learnings.

Graeme would go on to attend a lot of conferences and seminars to build on their financial education after attending that first conference in 2008 and it was the start of a shared journey with his partner in business and life, Leanne. They attended every event together and became incredibly successful entrepreneurs together.

“We bought into it and made sure that we then implemented the lessons, learnings and the education we had. Because the education is just the starting point, the act of going out and doing it and taking action – that’s where it all starts.”

A lot of people were just there for the thought of it. They wanted to do it but when it came to the crunch they just didn’t go ahead do it. I’m not sure why that is, but I think a lot of it’s driven by fear.” Throughout the seminars they attended, Graeme and Leanne found that a lot of people just like going to these seminars as a social or networking event.

Graeme and Leanne quickly adopted a strategy of avoiding networking events. They completely stopped attending anything with likeminded people who, like them, didn’t have anything at the time. “We wanted to be surrounded by people doing significantly greater, who had achievements and were far further don’t the road than us. We were laser beam focussed on what we wanted to do and what we want to get out of it.”

Instead of going from guru to guru, Leanne and Graeme identified two mentors who they look to for advice who specialise in the areas that they want to excel in to keep their focus where they need it to be.

Graeme identifies procrastination, lack of a solid plan and lack of determination as the killers of successful entrepreneurialism, and sums up his commitment to success with “Top guys are hardworking, ruthless, determined and have a clear plan. It’s hard work and a lot of the gurus make it sound simple. But just because it happened once, doesn’t mean it’s permanent – you’ve got to keep working and keep pushing it. You have to keep going. That’s what we’ve done from day one.”

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